Nakba Day

Al Manar TV | May 16, 2011

At least 15 people were martyred by Israeli gunfire in Palestine, Syria and Lebanon as Palestinians marched to the borders which have keep them apart from their land, marking the 63th anniversary of the “Nakba” day or day of “catastrophe”.

 Israeli occupation forces killed 10 Palestinians in the southern town of Maroun Ras. More than 100 others were injured during the grand march on Sunday which was called “Maseerat Al-Awda”.

Other four Syrians were martyred in the occupied Golan Heights. Syrian state television reported that Israeli occupation forces killed four Syrian citizens who had been taking part in an anti-Israeli rally on the Syrian side of the Heights border with the occupied territories.

Israeli army radio said also that dozens were wounded when Palestinian refugees from the Syrian side of the Golan Heights border were shot for trying to break through the frontier fence.
At least one Palestinian was martyred and up to 80 others wounded in northern Gaza as Israeli occupation troops opened fire on a march of at least 1,000 people heading towards the Erez crossing between the Gaza Strip and occupied territories.

Some injuries were reported in the occupied West Bank when Israeli forces shot protesters and used tear gas to disperse them.

The Nakba day marks the Israeli occupation to Palestine in 1948 when Palestinians were expelled by the Zionists from their land.

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